America is said to be many things, the land of the free, and the one place where you can start out with nothing and end up with a billion dollar net worth if not being a billionaire. On the opposite coin of this country practicing free speech, there is also those whom abuse free speech to be prejudiced against other countries.

In what can easily be interpreted and accepted as a racial slur, we find President Trump refusing to answer a question fairly due to the journalist asking the question being an Asian American. The journalist in all fairness asks the president why does it matter that the US is doing far better than any other country when it comes to Covid-19 testing, why is the president looking at this as a global competition when a lot of American lives are still being lost?

The President quickly replied that there are many lives that are being lost around the world and she should ask China this question. What are we to expect from America if this how the leader of the free world responds to a question that we can speculate could be answered different only under the premise that the journalist asking is of a race which President Trump wishes no malice and subsequent prejudice.

To anyone who doesn’t know about the realities of American society, a reality that is not televised, it makes one wonder how the country is truly ran, does everyone have equal opportunities, are all law abiding citizens free of racial profile, police brutalities and wrongful arrests, how equal are the opportunities of Americans, how safe and care for are Americans truly. If one race can blatantly be disregarded and prejudiced against without any repercussions it makes the world think that it is only the ruling class of American that are truly free.

Maybe, just maybe, America is a country of conditional freedom, which would put the entire globe at a greater risk of a prolonged life of liberty


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