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Hip-Hop is known for a wide range of cultural elements, be it the knowledge that comes from conscious music, the art in graffiti or how sounds are altered by our producers and DJs, in its many transitions there has been an avid dance culture that has been evolving more prominently since the days of Souljah Boy with Crank Dat as the first internet and YouTube sensation in 2008

We are Toonz are a hip-hop group of artists who specialize in dance music. Known for popularizing the dance move called Naenae with their viral dance single “Drop That #NaeNae” which was inspired by Martin Lawrence’s character Sheneneh Jenkins from the popular 90’s Single Martin.

With 3 Members being from Florida and one being From Atlanta, they share that there is little or no difference between the Atlanta and Florida scene as both places have a crazy amount of dancers, one of those dancers is artist PJ who was rumoured to have had beef with the crew over who originated the Naenae dance. The group shared that there was no beef and matters have been resolved.

Of their favourite clubs they mentioned the clubs Mansion, Blue Flame and a strip club called The Office in Florida which is said to have the most beautiful women they have seen in their time between the two cities/states, they also denied having taken any strippers home. In addition to the conversation about the ladies they mentioned Lauren London, Tinashe, Cassie, Beyoncé and Megan Good as celebrity crushes.

In terms of their music, while they feel they will not make a transition to making street music they expressed intentions of sticking to their dance music sounds they have made with producers such as Jazzy Pha and to diversify to other manners of reaching out to the masses while keeping them in high dance spirits, as such they wish to work with producers such as Zaytoven and DJ Mustard.

In their list of favourite artists they mentioned Reason, Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Beyoncé, Kanye West and Dej Loaf.

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