Boosie Badazz Says He Had Grown Women Do Sexual Acts On Him His Under Aged Nephews And Sons


It is often said that if we do not learn from history, it will most likely repeat itself and such is becoming a more vivid reality in the sexual underworld of the hip-hop culture. From an earlier report more than a decade ago, we see Dwayne Michael Carter known to many as Lil’ Wayne detail his first sexual experience in which he received oral sex from a woman older than him. This act detailed in a documentary titled Mr Carter, has Dwayne share how this event was orchestrated by his Surrogate Father Brain Baby Williams and he shows his attempt to influence Young Money Label Mate Lil’ Twist who was 15 at the time to engage in premature sexual acts as Dwayne had his first daughter Reginae Carter at the age of 15.

History has proven again how this culture of misogyny in the hip-hop culture seeps further into present times with the recent Instagram live video where Rapper Boosie Badass has shared how he has subjected his son, nephew and himself to oral sex from an older woman, older than the children and in the peer group of Boosie. Boosie further goes to justify his actions under the premise that what he did is a right of passage into manhood for the boys and another causal encounter of pleasure for him.

As a civil society one has to wonder what are the moral implications of such actions in the age where too many young women fear for their lives and their dignity as rape and pressured pre-adult sex will become a threatening reality. As we have seen with The Surviving R Kelly movement, Harvey Weinstein at the centre of the recent wave of the #MeToo movement and the rape convictions of Bill Cosby we can see the potential rights that come with initiating the young into sexual activity without the mental, emotional and physical maturity.

Take Dwayne or a large majority of the American commercial community for example, as custodians who influence at best notions of hypersexuality, toxic masculinity and femininity, broken relationships and varying degrees of instability. When one looks into the personal life of their favourite artists they come to realise that whether raised incorrectly as Boosie is doing or not having a positive influence to teach you right from wrong, their upbringing determines whether or not they will be model citizens or the stereotypical delinquent who will commit heinous crimes as they have been normalised by their immediate surroundings.

Often, the people you look to for inspirations, your idols, your heroes, shape the type of person you will be as an adult. While it can be argued that these artists are not immediately at fault for the music they make and are a victim of their environment or record label bottom lines, we can hold them accountable and responsible for at least how they raise their children. 

We as a civil society must take how these boys are being raised to its extremes of potential danger, which is nothing short of breeding rape culture. As the men grow up being used to just receiving any form of sex without going through the courting process, learning about consent, learning about intimacy  and sexual responsibility what this man and others like him are doing in effect is endorsing and propelling the dark legacy of absent fathers, abusive partners, murders, gangsters amongst all the shades of evil that plague the black community to this day.

The knock off effects of what has transpired here are immense, creating men who are not only going to be sexually perverted, aggressive and explicit from a young age, sociologically we are driving the narrative of a stable nuclear and extended family within the black community further into shambles. It goes without saying that there should be legal implications and therapy that needs to break this generational cycle that Boosie seems to be making sure takes place.

Boosie has been in jail in which he has mentioned that he was running the inmate operations and trading while he was serving his sentence and this video shows that he has not been rehabilitated instead has been institutionalised to sustain a destruction path for his offspring to be initiated into and carry out part of their legacy.

As a global community, we must regulate and be stricter with how our children are raised. Now more than ever we have to put intense restrictions on access to internet, filter the content they watch and warn them to be cautious about the messaging they internalize from the popular songs they listen to almost on a daily basis.

The kind of stimuli we engage with daily, especially as teenagers will often inform the people we are or will be in the years to come. As such, it is crucial that we fill the minds of our youth with every tool needed for them to be model citizens, people who will be innovative, law abiding, family oriented and sexually appropriate at the correct age for them to engage in such acts which require a substantial amount of maturity to be able to facilitated properly, be it for recreation, pleasure or for the strengthening of the adult intimate relationship one would partake in.

It is not only appalling, but rather psychologically damaging the  act that Boosie has done, not only scarring the  boys for life with an experience that will forever change their perceptions on how they are supposed to act around women, but also creating ill minded members of a society that disparately needs to re-calibrate its consciousness away from materialism, crime, prostitution, gang culture and more importantly rape culture.

It is up to us to change the narrative of the modern black history, to have a cultural renaissance where everything that made us history makers, pioneers, leaders, and upstanding to be reinstalled in our children for them to carry the torch of black excellence. More teachers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists and less misogynists, gangsters and murderers are needed.


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