Ayana Fite of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta


Ayana Fite from the hit reality show, ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ does not hold back as she talks about her breast reduction. What was normally a conversation based in the American community has become an international discussion of morality vs health or even personal choice that a woman has over her body.

Generally, there are many people who feel that one should accept their body the way it is, be it for religious reasons or preserving a sense of authenticity in their personhood, as soon as a woman alters any part of their body she will be deemed fake and less worthy of respect because of how they altered their bodies.

Often the perspective or motivators for the woman to get plastic surgery are ignored. The matter of this surgery being in her best interests is always overshadowed but what society wants for the woman to be in order to please them. As Ayana mentioned in her interview she did the breast reduction for health reasons and faced a lot of backlash from those close to her.

She also highlighted the importance of doing thorough research in order to determine which doctor to do the surgery with and how this process goes beyond just the surgery, the woman also has to be comfortable with who she will be around and have a guaranteed that at the end of the procedure she will have the best of health benefits.

If the procedure is going to cause a number of complications for your body in the long run it is advisable that you don’t commit to undergoing the surgery however, if the surgery will be of great benefit to your wellbeing and you can afford the initial surgery and maintenance than by all means you should exercise the right to take care of yourself or have a body the suits your perception of beauty.

The problem we face with a perception based society is that we think we own a person and should dictate how they live or how they look and we fail to ask said people how they feel and what they want to do, however as time goes by as with the case of Ayana there will be a level of acceptance that will arise when you show that this decision was the best thing you could have done for yourself and your health as with the case of breast reduction.

As a woman who can afford to do more for their health the choice is always yours, do you suffer the risks that come with breasts that are causing back pain and strain to your body for the sake of being called authentic? Or do you take your health into your hands and get a breast reduction that will do you good in the long run? Yes people in celebrity positions are responsible for how they influence young girls to grow up and be certain woman but at the end of the day their personal health should always take priority, social responsibility is a controllable narrative. Physical health however, is a liberty that is much harder to come by especially in cases that need surgery and can’t be altered naturally.


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