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Rasheeda sits down with Fansitetv.com and Holly Haith to talk Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, dishes on the other cast members and talks new music!

Rasheeda W. Buckner-Frost (born May 25, 1976), known professionally as Rasheeda (often stylized RaSheeda), is an American rapper, fashion designer, television personality and businesswoman.
Rasheeda started her music career as a member of the female hip hop trio Da Kaperz, which made a name for itself in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. In 2000, she launched her solo career. She launched her debut album Dirty South through her entertainment company D-Lo Entertainment in collaboration with Motown and Proceeded to Release her following projects independently through her company after departing from Motown Records.
She has since released Ghetto Dream in 2002, GA Peach in 2006, Dat Typa Gurl In 2009, Certified (Mixtape) in August 2009 Certified Hot Chick was released which was followed by her Boss Bitch Mixtape series. On June 18, 2012, she released her sixth album Boss Chick Music which was released through Google Play and her label D-Lo Entertainment, and promoted on the tenth season of Bad Girls Club: Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.
In 2012, Rasheeda landed a spot along with her husband/manager Kirk Frost on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In 2015, Rasheeda scored a guest role, with the character’s name of Scrumptious, on the 3rd episode of Fox’s Rosewood. She now has her own make up line, Poiz Cosmetics, and an apparel and accessory website, Imbossy.com. Her store, Pressed Boutique in Phipp’s Plaza in Atlanta, opened on June 17, 2015.
In her interview with FansiteTV she shared how important the Boss Chick Brand is to her as a stamp of independence and how a woman can balance going out there to achieve each and every goal she has set for herself while balancing the more delicate parts of life such as being a mother and in essence teaches the viewer that no excuse or circumstance is too much if you are really dedicated to building yourself from rags to riches when you have a plan and you stick to it.
When reflecting on her album Boss Chick Music, she defined the sound as something that you can have a nice drive to and is perfect for having a good time. It’s also geared to uplift and celebrate independent women who take charge of not only their finances but other aspects of their life which they were systematically taught they could not do on their own.
She also credits the rise of upcoming female artists and encourages them to push beyond the stereotype of having one hit record and a short career span, stressing the importance of consistency and development to drive the narrative of influence to upcoming generations that they too can be leaders, they can do more than take order and play a position that is below anyone who is less skilled than they are.
In 1999, at age 23, Rasheeda married Kirk Frost of D-Lo Entertainment, with whom she has two sons. After reflecting on how important it is to start and constantly develop your craft as she was all over the place when she started making music but developed efficiently when she found out who she was and what she really wants, she shared the pros and cons of having her partner as her manager.
Having someone who genuinely has your best interests at heart in a record industry that is shady, corrupt and very difficult to manage mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually having her husband in her corner played a huge role in maintaining her sanity and pushing her business to the next frontier. While it is often said that mixing business and pleasure is not advisable because of how the personal life can affect business, Rasheeda shared that learning to separate the business and the personal is key in maintaining the balance and co-existence of the two worlds
For more on the music and her experiences on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, watch the interview above.
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