MURDERED! Full Video Of Minneapolis Cop With Knee On Neck Of Motionless, Moaning Man Who Later Died


How free is the land of the free? Where Presidents can be openly racist and not face any legal repercussions, where the colour of your skin can be a death sentence, how many more Michael Browns, Eric Garners, and now recently George Floyd have to die before we can bring the ever so present racist regime to book? What are we to view the law as when authority figures are the ones who are acting above the law?

Before his tragic death, George Floyd was a 46 year old African American man who was a multitalented sport athlete and graduated in 1993. He was also a rapper associated with the Screwed Up Click under the alias Big Floyd. As an artist he delivered freestyles and worked with DJ Screw. He moved to Minnesota in 2014 and worked as a security guard for 5 years at a restaurant near the area of Minneapolis and was a father of 2 children who are 6 and 22 years of age who currently live in Hudson.

He was an honest man, living and honest life until Derek Chauvin ended his life with fellow officer Tou Thao watching and actually protecting him while he continued this crime against humanity. The police officers were since fired and an investigation was launched by The FBI and other internal authorities yet the uproar of fellow Americans is that these men especially Derek should be charged with Murder

As seen in the video, George was in handcuffs and was pinned to the ground by Derek who pressed his knee on Georges neck. The man was not resisting arrest at all if anything he was pleading for his life saying that he can’t breathe, calling for his mother, crying that his stomach and neck were hurt and he needs water, the man was begging for his life.

The pedestrians taking the footage were also pleading with the police despite their rage, Thao continue to watch on and made sure that Derek was not disturbed as he continued his this slow act of what would eventually be murder. Despite George respectfully referring to Derek as officer with anguish it was all in vein as the knee of the officer continued to press on George’s neck.

The more the crowd screamed, the more Derek continued, when George started bleeding from his nose it did not matter, when George became unconscious and unresponsive the office still continue this horrendous act with not an ounce of remorse, his only message being don’t do drugs, to which there was no evidence of possession or consumption of drugs, just George losing his life.

The onlookers started urgently calling 911, asking the police offers to check George’s pulse and screamed in helplessness how the police offer just killed the man by the time medics had arrived, those wise enough started taking badge numbers and posted the now viral video which has caused a global stir, justifiably so.

What scares everyone the most is that the cases of police brutality, killings and acts of violence which have been documented on cell phones are becoming so frequent that the world is slowly becoming desensitised to it, that the racist Americans and global citizens are celebrating these deaths and not doing anything to bring an act against humanity to justice America is no longer the land of the free, it is the land of “another day another death of a black man” and the biggest gang in the world, law enforcement only suffer by being fired, they are never arrested. Is freedom free or is it free only to those who are above the law?


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