Looters Destroy Minneapolis Target In Response To Police Killing George Floyd


Various news reports around the world have reported how this act of public looting has even put social media in a state of uncertainty, as various tweets from Donald Trump have sent shock waves through the country as he stated that this act is one of thugs and he will permit the military to take action against looters. In a tweet that has since been flagged by twitter as it was inciting violence, the president stated that looters will be shot if they are caught in the act.

In this viral video you can see a wide range of food items and appliances being looted as a large population of Americans had already broken into the store and are leaving with multiple items, it was a surprise to even see people wearing masks adhering to Covid-19 safety measures. There was no trace of authority present or any authorities being called as no one can really trust the police who are the reason for this and other public acts such as protests.

Are we seeing a repeat of the Wattz California protests and looting in the early 90s? are we seeing America break down behind the smoke and mirrors we always see of this nation. Social media shows a different reality to that of the flashy cars, fancy houses, celebrities, and other mediums of entertainment show. There is barely anything that can be swept under the rug or hidden anymore and for the first time, in a long time, the recent 10 years has made the ugliness of the Nation more and more evident with its own residents ready to destroy property.

When the law is not on the side of the citizens what one wants to question is what is stopping people from creating and mobilising new civil rights movements? The past movements such as The Black Panthers bought about many of the liberties Americans enjoy today and unfortunately those very liberties and sense of safety is being threatened by institutional racism, capitalism and power dynamics that can override human rights in their entirety.

The last thing any country in the world needs is civil unrest, especially in this difficult time period that we are facing during this global pandemic of Covid 19. As the rest of the world watches unfold in the states we ask ourselves, what can be done? Who can lead? How can we change the legal system and law enforcement to curb the present decay to society that being having people who are blatantly above the law? How much does a dollar cost? Is it worth your freedom? If you could escape America where would you go? Is there a country that isn’t in some way being exploited by America?

Some would say changing the government is a solution, should that happen, how do you start over and ensure that the moral decay of this country is solved? While it is obvious that there is action that needs to take place, looting is not one such action that will bring the government to its knees, we need to work on amicable solutions that can assist the country to improve and a heightened emphasis must be placed on how police are trained before they are equipped with weapons and are trusted to take care of normal civilians.

A country at war with itself ensures destruction not development.


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