Live On Air Covering Minneapolis Riots CNN Reporters Get Arrested!


The war on silencing the evidence of racism in America is reaching new heights. While social media is campaigning against social media app TikTok for removing videos which document crimes against African Americans we now find that in the example of this video that even news reporters, are also being arrested with no logical explanation.

In a news report that served the intention of warning people to stay home and not loot or there will be consequences, before the news reporter could be arrested his mic was taken away from him and he was arrested. It wouldn’t be long before the two members of his camera crew that were present were arrested as well before the video cut off.

The reporter and his crew were of different races as such the concept of free speech and accurate reporting of current events has transcended racial boundaries and the very freedom of Americans at large has become a security threat.

Is the new price of reflecting on the times permanent silence as everyone who dares to show the ugly side of America is rewarded with arrest and being censored? Is having a report from other parts of the world the only hope remaining for the citizens who want change and if so what if those very people are arrested from their homes wherever in the world they are? What does freedom mean today furthermore why is the UN quiet about everything that is going on?

As we watch millions of lives being lost with a immense sense of helplessness, some of us in America and many of us in the world are sinking into a depression where our mental states are begging for cell phones and technology to be turned off and we desperately hide in our homes till this storm passes.


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