BlueFace Claims on Crip He Has “Good D” As Baby Mama Smashes His Windows!


Rap culture is not without its gang affiliation and lifestyle that involves baby mama drama quite often. It was the rap community that coined this term a while back where they go through dramatic situations with women who have been impregnated by a man and the arguments that follow during or after the birth of a child. In this clip we see an Instagram story of rapper Blueface who is affiliated with the Crip Gang taking a video of his Baby Mamma smashing his windows.

Though it is not clear what she is angry about, Blueface brags that it is his “Good  D” (a slang reference to stellar sexual performance) is the reason as to why his baby momma is acting up. Whether he was caught cheating or refuses to pay child support it is clear that many rappers live a carefree life often at the cost of making their woman endure a lot of stress for being part of their fast paced lifestyle. We can only hope that they can one day be responsible men and fathers in these women’s lives.

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